Jersey Log Homes, Hiawatha Floor Plans

Jersey Log Homes, Hiawatha Floor Plans

Jersey Log Homes, Hiawatha Floor Plans

Jersey Log Homes, Hiawatha Floor Plans

Jersey Log Homes, Hiawatha Floor Plans

Jersey Log Homes FAQ


Hiawatha Log Homes

Hiawatha Log Homes features structurally graded Norway (Red) Pine or White Cedar logs. Each log is kiln-dried for unsurpassed dimensional stability. Our wood can be milled for a smooth, uniform look, or hand-hewn for a traditional, natural texture.

You can place your confidence in our materials!

  • All of our logs and timbers meet quality grading standards
  • Our wood species are compatible for locations across the country
  • Hiawatha products meet or exceed national building codes
  • Non-corrosive fasteners and foam gaskets engineered for log joint movement provide long-term stability
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 25 Year Warranty!

Log profiles & joinery styles

All our log corners are Saddle-notched
Profile styles include your choice of 8", 10" or 12" diameter
full round, or D-style logs with full log corners.

          Double tongue & groove                               Swedish Cope (hand-hewn)

Swedish cope and tongue & groove are available in all diameter profiles.

Half-log and the hand-hewn look log profiles are available in both tongue & groove and Swedish cope.

           Half-log over 2x4 framing                                 Hiawatha D-Log profile

Double tongue & groove and Swedish cope systems are both designed to provide a tight, permanent fit. All corners are saddle-notched, increasing the structural integrity of the log wall system, while maintaining the traditional aesthetic quality of a finely crafted log home.

                                    Hiawatha Floor Plans

The Aspen
1,052 sq. ft.
The Bentley
2,042 sq. ft.
The Charlevoix
2,296 sq. ft.
The Sierra
1,865 sq. ft.
The Evergreen
2,048 sq. ft.

The Yellow Birch
3,175 sq. ft.

The Dover
1,800 sq. ft.
The Woodland
2,381 sq. ft.
The Lakeside
2,384 sq. ft.


The items listed in the blue box represent the components included in a typical Standard Log Package. Listed in the orange box are optional items that may be purchased as a complete package or individually according to your specific needs. Pricing on individual items available upon request.

Every Hiawatha log home is developed with its own unique design details and specifications. The lists of items are only meant to be a general guide for planning purposes. In order to give you an accurate price of your custom home package, we will need to spend time talking about your specific ideas. If you have any questions, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to develop a custom home package for you!

Standard Log Package
  1. Log walls with saddle notch corners
  2. Log stair system (optional)
  3. Log support posts
  4. Log floor joists
  5. Interior log railing
  6. Log sided gable ends*
  7. Half log dormers w/ full log corners
  8. Log porch rafters
  9. Log porch headers
  10. Log porch posts
  11. Exterior cedar log railing

Hiawatha Log Homes includes all of the superior quality items listed below in every custom log home package:

  • Customized construction plans
  • 8 hours on-site supervision
  • Complete Construction Builder's Manual
  • Detailed log layout diagram
  • Start Right Program by Sashco®
  • Sashco® Log Builder acrylic
  • caulking & stain
  • Borate® infused wool gasketing
  • OlyLog fastening system
  • PeneTreat wood preservative
  • Sill seal
  • Log corner through-bolts

*Full log package gable ends are priced as face log interior & exterior for cathedral areas and half log exterior only for gables above second floor systems.

Select Package Options
  1. 1x6 tongue & groove paneling for ceilings
  2. interior window and door trim
  3. 2x tongue & groove loft decking
  4. 6 panel pine doors
  5. 1x6 tongue & groove paneling for walls
  6. 2x tongue & groove roof decking
  7. Hurd® windows & patio doors

We also offer special "character" (16" - 20" dia.) handcrafted logs and mantels.


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